Faculty and Staff

The Office of LGBT Life welcomes and encourages faculty and staff to become more involved with our students.

One of the most important programs the Office of LGBT Life offers for faculty and staff is our Safe Space program. Safe Space provides participants with an assortment of resources as well as useful tools for referring students to the appropriate supportive services. 

Although members of the LGBTQ community often have a leg-up when it comes to information about and resources for the community, each of us has areas  where we can improve. The Safe Space seeks to identify those areas and provide the tools necessary to support LGBTQ students and advocate for inclusion and equity campus-wide. Visit our safe sapce page to sign up today.

If you are seeking information about making your classroom, department, or organization more welcoming for transgender and gender non-conforming students, our "Coming Out to Professors" page contains links to excellent resources that supplement our Safe Space curriculum. The article, "Coming Out in Class: Challenges and Benefits of Active Learning in a Biology Classroom for LGBTQIA Students,” by Katelyn M. Cooper and Sara E. Brownell may provide ideas about challenges LGBTQIA students face in active-learning classrooms.

For more information about programs offered by the Office of LGBT Life, or to get more involved, email us at lgbt@emory.edu.

If you are a faculty or staff member seeking assistance or support for yourself or a coworker, we encourage you to contact the Faculty Staff Assistance Program. The program focuses on all aspects of well-being for faculty, staff, and physicians and provides links to the most relevant on-campus resources. Faculty and staff members seeking opportunities to connect with other LGBTQ faculty and staff members at Emory should contact Ryan Roche at rroche@emory.edu for more information about the LGBTQ Faculty/Staff Group. Ryan also distributes a quarterly newsletter to keep Emory community members informed about the latest queer news on campus.

In addition, the Emory WorkLife Resource Center provides a lot of useful information regarding resources available to Emory faculty and staff.