Safe Space

The Emory Safe Space program is a 3.5 hour training designed to help all faculty, staff, and students provide support for the LGBT community at Emory. The program focuses on three goals so that participants who complete the training will be better equipped to help our undergraduate and graduate students achieve success. 

The primary goal is to provide awareness for participants about the lives and experiences of LGBTQ people. The second goal is to provide knowledge about LGBTQ issues. A large portion of this knowledge focuses on the resources that are available to students within the Emory community and in the Atlanta area. 

Lastly, the program hopes to combine awareness and knowledge to encourage action from our participants to create equity on and off campus. Visit the links to your left for more information about Safe Space facilitators and the alliesthat have completed our training.

Get the schedule and register for a 3.5 hour Safe Space training class offered by Emory's Office of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Life.

Safe Space Training Registration

Safe Space training is a great way to learn how to better support your students and coworkers. By completing the training, you signal to students and colleagues that you are committed to supporting the LGBTQ community. For those within the community and others, the training also provides information about less visible parts of the community, namely the trans and bisexual communities. As the Emory community continues to grow, it becomes more important to learn about these often-underserved communities.

Safe Space trainings are offered once per month. We also offer trainings outside of that for groups of eight or more people. For more information about when the trainings are scheduled this semester and how to register, visit our registration section on this page.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 from 9am to 12:30pm ET | Virtual

Thank you for your interest in our Safe Trainings. Please register via the Emory Learning Management System. 

To attend a Safe Space training, please register through the Emory Learning Management System.  Once logging into ELMS, search the catalog for Safe Space (course number 247000), and the available sessions will be listed. Click “enroll” and follow the instructions to complete your registration.  You will receive a confirmation email as well as a reminder email two days before your training.  


If you have problems logging into ELMS, please contact the Help Desk at 404-727-7777.

If you are interested in a group training for your department, unit, or student group, please email for more information. Please allow at least three weeks' notice for your requested training.

External stakeholders and supporters (such as student affairs professionals developing their own safe zone programs) are welcome to attend Emory’s Safe Space trainings.  However the classes and program are tailored to the needs and experiences of Emory community members.  The curriculum is consistent among all trainings and will not be augmented for outside groups.  Please be aware of this before registering.  Also, priority is given to Emory community members; if we are at capacity for a given training, you may be asked to attend at a later date.  If four or more members of a non-Emory affiliated group wish to receive a Safe Space training, please e-mail Jackie Veliz directly at

Safe Space Allies

Over the years, a large number of Emory faculty, students, and staff have been Safe Space-trained. Being a Safe Space means creating a more accepting environment for LGBTQ individuals both on and off Emory’s campus. Below is our current list of allies that have been through Safe Space training and chosen to have their names added to the list.

Safe Space Facilitators

The Safe Space training program relies on a group of dedicated members of the Emory community to volunteer their time. Below is information about our current facilitators. We accept applications for new facilitators each spring and summer, and you can view the position description here. If you are interested in applying to become a Safe Space facilitator, please contact Jackie Veliz at or fill out the form.

Danielle Bruce-Steele
Director of LGBT Life 

Jackie Veliz
Program Coordinator of LGBT Life

Ed Lee
Senior Director, Alben W. Barkley Forum for Debate, Reliberation & Dialogue

Carson Banks 
Associate Director, Leadershp & Transitions Programs

Huong Truong 
Coordinator, Sorority and Fraternity Life 

Victoria Alarcon 
Program Coordinator, Office for RACE (Racial and Cultural Engagement) 

Lydia Smith 
Assistant Director, Alben W. Barkley Forum for Debate, Reliberation & Dialogue 

Cedric Blatch 
Complex Director, Residence Life 

The Safe Space Program expanded to include Oxford College in 2014.

Wade Manora, Jr.
Director of Student Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion