Choosing to be an ally is one of the most important things a straight, cisgender person can do for the LGBTQ community. A lot of responsibility can come with being an ally, though. You are expected to know information that you may or may not be exposed to on a regular basis. You may also feel a lot of pressure to be perfect at all times.

Fortunately, the Office of LGBT Life also has resources for allies and is welcoming to all people. Like all other students, allies are welcome to make individual appointments with Danielle and Michael. They also have access to all of our library resources and informational pamphlets specifically designed for allies. For allies wanting to learn more about the LGBTQ community and become better allies, Safe Space training is a good option to build upon the knowledge you already have.

Allies interested in becoming more active in the LGBTQ community are encouraged to contact our various student organizations. Many of these organizations are open to allies and actively seeking allies. Work-study positions and volunteer positions are also available at the Office of LGBT Life.

Below are several resources designed for allies as well as different opportunities to become more involved in activism.

HRC—Coming Out as a Straight Ally

PFLAG Atlanta

Gay, Lesbian & Straight Network (GLSEN)