Emory Student Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and the Office of Health Promotion, are inclusive and integrated with Safe Space-trained staff. The Respect Program, which works to prevent and respond to sexual assault and relationship violence, is inclusive of all people and relationships.

The Office of LGBT Life maintains ongoing working relationship with CAPS. Two CAPS liaisons meet regularly with our staff. The current CAPS liaison is Dr. Katie Werner (  Feel free to make an appointment with CAPS and request someone who is Safe Space-trained.

Sexual health supplies for all students are available in the Office of LGBT Life as well as Student Health. Confidential HIV testing is available in Student Health. Student Health Services also provide PrEP Interest Appointments to those who want more information about receiving PrEP at Emory.

Emory's Respect program created a guide titled "Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence & the LGBTQ Community." This guide aims to:
1. Describe the unique issues faced by LGBTQ-identified survivors of assault
2. Teach advocates how they can support survivors
3. Display facts about hate violence towards the LGBTQ community
4. Provide resources to an LGBTQ-identified survivor
5. Help abusers understand how to avoid abusive behavior

For resources outside of Emory, this CDC page has numerous health resources for LGBT people.