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Trans is an umbrella term for anyone outside of typical gender norms. The term includes but is not limited to the following identities: transgender, transsexual, or gender queers. The term can also be used to include allies and partners to the community. We use the term to be as inclusive as we can and avoid leaving out any identities in a list that tries to address everyone’s experiences.

In that light, we strive to include all trans identities in the following resources.  Many of our resources will relate most directly to transgender and transsexual individuals that are in the process of transitioning legally and physically. If you identify as a different part of the trans community, but are unable to find applicable resources on our website, please contact us at We will do our best to answer any questions you may have and include these answers in this growing resource page.

We are continuously working on establishing processes and determining what can and cannot be done within current institutional systems.  We will include this information below as we have it. If you have a question that is not currently on the site, please contact us at for support and information.