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Bathrooms & Facilities

At Emory University, individuals may use the bathroom that most closely aligns with their gender identity.  For individuals not comfortable using multi-stall single gender restrooms, the Office of LGBT Life has compiled a list of single stall or single occupant bathrooms found on campus. Those denoted with a wheelchair icon are also wheelchair accessible.  

Please note to use the restrooms in the Residence Halls with the exception of Dobbs Hall, students living in the halls will need their prox card to get into the buildings. 

If you know of a bathroom that is not listed here, please fill out a form to let us know.

Emory University’s current construction guidelines state that “every project, except for residential projects, must consider one single occupant unisex ADA compliant restroom adjacent to and visible from the public areas of the building that can also be used as a child changing room.”

View Gender Neutral Bathrooms at Emory in a larger map

Some gender inclusive bathrooms are indicated by the signs found at the following website: