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Pride Awards

The Pride Awards occur every year on or around March 2 to commemorate the campus-wide protest on March 2, 1992. Started by Saralyn Chesnut on March 2, 1993, the annual Pride Awards commemorate the protest and celebrate the progress made each year. Individual members within the community are also recognized for the exceptional work they do through our peer nominated awards. Varying year to year, these awards showcase the great work many people do behind the scenes for LGBT equality. Additionally, students are awarded scholarships to acknowledge the work they do with the community and to enable them to continue working toward equity. Last, graduating seniors and alumni are honored each year in our Lavender Graduation.

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2018 Pride Awards

The 2018 Pride Awards will take place on Wednesday, February 28 at 6:30 PM at the Miller Ward Alumni House. 

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2017 Pride Awards Pictures
2016 Pride Awards Pictures
2015 Pride Awards Pictures

Chesnut LGBT Person of the Year Award
Outstanding Transgender Advocate of the Year Award
Fierce Leadership Award
Outstanding Ally of the Year Award
Reverend Dr. Susan Henry-Crowe Keeping the Faith Award
Alum of the Year Award
Emory Pride Member of the Year