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Programs & Events

The Office of LGBT Life offers a variety of programs and events to support our students and provide opportunities to the entire Emory community. Our current offerings provide different benefits to our students as well as the community as a whole.

Educational programming, such as the Safe Space trainings, increases campus awareness about LGBTQ issues and concerns. Providing allies with more information, we hope these programs increase support for LGBTQ students.

Through our discussion groups, we hope to provide our students with safe spaces in which to discuss different aspects of their identities. With each group focusing on a different aspect of identity, we hope to engage all of our students, particularly students that are not traditionally engaged in the LGBT-community. We are committed to including the experiences of different students, and our discussion groups are one aspect of that commitment.

Our major events, such as the Emory Pride Drag Show and the Pride Awards increase the sense of unity within the LGBTQ community as well as the larger Emory community. Open to the entire Emory community, we hope these events provide a positive and fun social space for students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Recently included, our Queer Connections events seek to improve relationships within the community for students. By getting students in the same space as faculty, staff, and alumni, we hope to build stronger relationships within the groups. With our focus on employment-centered career nights, we encourage students to explore career fields and make connections with queer professionals.

We are always looking to grow and refine our program and event offerings. Some programs may not be offered every year. If you are interested in co-sponsoring any programs and events with the Office of LGBT Life or have suggestions, contact