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Queer Grads

Queer Grads welcomes LGBTQ+ graduate students from all of Emory's schools to form community around the full spectrum of queer identities and queer life. Join us weekly for informal conversation around the intersections of our identities, current events, and more. 

When: Spring 2018: Thursdays from 5:30PM-6:30PM
Where: 132 Alumni Memorial University Center - Office of LGBT Life



Brent Allman (


I am a second year PhD student in the Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution program. I am studying the role sex among influenza populations and how sex impacts the evolution of the virus. Since my daily work doesn't revolve around the LGBT community, getting the chance to talk and bond with other queer folks is something I look forward to each week. 

Being from San Diego, California, I have yet to find Mexican food in Atlanta that can rival my regular places back home. But (!) I love the diversity of food available here in Atlanta, and now I am a regular at the Ethiopian restaurant near my house.

Other than eating, I really enjoy spending time at Piedmont Park, going to drag shows, and people watching at coffee shops.


Merete Tschokert (


Hello y'all!
I am a 2nd year grad student at Rollins School of Public Health in the Behavioral Sciences and Health Education Department. I am orginally from Vienna, Austria and I have a background in pharmacy.
I want to provide a safe space for queer grad students to meet each other and talk freely about everything that is going on.
I love to reading and kayaking.